Why you should wait for a used BMW X5 – not buy a new one

The name BMW is synonymous with quality: people always take a good hard look at a BMW when they see one on the street, and many long to own one of their own.

It’s no surprise then that the new BMW X5 has drawn a lot of interest from all over the globe, from the man on the street but also from various media organisations. It’s easy to see why – high levels of performance both on and off road, combined with supreme levels of comfort for both driver and passengers, mean this is a car anyone would want sitting on their driveway.

Having said that, though, buying a new car is often considered silly. Value is only going to go one way and, if you wait a year, you’ll be able to pick up a nearly-new one for a fair discount. That’s exactly the case with the X5. For a brand new BMW X5 you’ll be paying a minimum of £42,590 – which is a substantial amount of money to the vast majority of people.9196

Wait for one to appear on the used car forecourts, though, and you could pay significantly less. What will you lose from buying second hand? Not a lot, in reality: the dealership will refresh the interior so you’ll still drive away with that ‘new’ car smell and feel, while you’ll likely obtain a warranty as well.

What’s more, before you drive away the car will have undergone thorough checking – so it will be ‘nearly new’ in every possible sense. These days, cars age very quickly, so buying a new car is, more often than not, a mistake – sooner rather than later the car will be officially old, and the value will deteriorate rapidly.

BMWs in general are well known for their longevity. Save your money, and wait a while, and you could own a BMW X5 for the rest of your life, that is almost new when you buy it.

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