Big Motoring World: Setting Out To Buy a Car ‘Gift’


So, you’re looking to surprise your loved one with an exquisite car for her birthday or anniversary. However, you are looking to find a quality second hand car without having to rob a bank for that purchase. The problem for most is the amount of hassle and anxiety that comes with finding and buying a second hand car.

The thought of buying a car that might break down the moment you leave the car lot or after a week leads many to opt to buy a brand new car. However, with the economy in UK as it is, that is a tough choice. For those looking to go green, there are electric cars that would suit your needs. For the ones with a taste for exquisite German cars, finding that car at an affordable price can be a task. However, the question still boils down to, where do I find what I need?

Where to look?

Big Motoring World offers a wide range of automotive services. From selling quality second hand cars at inexpensive prices, offering maintenance for your vehicles as well as servicing your cars all at pocket friendly prices this dealer aim is to meet all your automotive needs. It has service centres in UK that are aimed at increasing convenience to you as a customer as well as ensuring that your needs are met.

At the Big Motoring World Prestige, even if you are not sure of what you would want to purchase, there are highly trained car dealers available to help you narrow down your search. Depending on the car power that you are looking to purchase, they can help you identify that car that you were looking to buy. Whether you want a diesel or petrol car, this dealer has the car for you. Whether you are looking to buy a big or smaller car, the dealers at Big Motoring World are trained to identify your need and strive to meet it.

This dealership also has a big body shop that is sure to meet all you diagnostic, servicing and maintenance needs. Whether you are looking to repair your car or to modify it, it has what you need.

So, once you identify that car that you want to buy as a gift, the dealer assists in the financing of the same depending on your needs, and also cater for all the servicing and maintenance that the car would need after the purchase. Not only does this ensure your satisfaction but also that of the recipient of the car.

If Big Motoring World Canterbury or the Big Motoring World Prestige service centre is not in your vicinity, you can get other centres in UK that are set up to cater for your automotive needs. To ensure customer satisfaction, there is also a Big Motoring World Snodland service centre.

Thus, regardless of your location, there is a Big Motoring World shop nearby that catering to your needs. Next time you are surfing the internet, take a look at all the other offers that they have for cars as well as car services online. Don’t miss out!

Get Enthralled and Enjoy the Thrill of Driving with a Used BMW

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If you are thinking of buying a used car, then the best choice has to be a BMW. The class and elegance that a BMW offers every driver is just legendary. You will not only be making a statement with your prestigious car but also enjoying every bit of the road.

Awards by reputable motor industry analysts including Auto Express and What Car have rated the BMW models as a favourite for used car buyers. Different categories such as best used family car, executive, luxury and used SUVs have seen models such as 1 and 5 series winning accolades. As such the car you buy from Big Motoring World Prestige will give you excellent service.

Why buy a used BMW?

The fact that you have decided to drive a BMW, means that you are about to experience a redefinition of road pleasure. Some of the benefits you will get by buying this quality ride include:

  • Lower insurance premium: Used cars are not a risk for insurers and hence you will be able to enjoy cheaper premiums. In essence, buying a used car is a win-win situation for you because you save money in many ways.
  • No depreciation blues: If you buy a 5 to 6 years old BMW, then you will not have to worry about the high rate of depreciation associated with new cars.
  • Luxury at lower price: You will not have to break the bank in order to enjoy your driving. In essence, you will enjoy all the benefits of a BMW including comfort, high performance and thrilling driving without ruining your finances.
  • BMW servicing: Once you invest in this brand you will be able to enjoy specialized BMW servicing. This is one reason you will always see BMW drivers smiling because they know someone is watching their back.

Simply put, a used BMW from Big Motoring World Prestige will take you to another level of driving. With the specialists in the showroom, you will also be able to learn everything about taking care of your prized possession.

What to Consider While Buying a Used BMW

Now that you appreciate the power of this brand, you should consider some of these factors while comparing:

  • Pricing: These cars can be a bit pricier than others in their category. However, this should not dim your excitement because large dealers such as Big Motoring World Prestige have bargains and they can even match whatever other deal you have come across.
  • Fuel economy: While shopping you must look out for a car that saves you money on fuel. Different models have different ratings for example the 2010 135i convertible 6 cyl auto offers 17/26 MPG (13.8/9.0 L/100km) while a 3-series 2010 335d (diesel) 6 cyl auto (S6) offers you 23/36 MPG (10.2/6.5 L/100km).
  • Reliability: You must look out for a car that has been undergoing constant servicing. This means you have to look at the MOT certificates to ensure the previous owner cared for the car.

When you visit Big Motoring World Prestige, it is highly likely that you will drive out with a BMW of your choice. This will welcome you into the world of ultimate and enthralling driving.


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If ever there was a car that proved that size doesn’t always matter is the Mini. Right? I mean, even with the entry of big cars into the market, the Mini has remained popular and even risen to standards of prestigious vehicles.

Minis have come a long way since the 1960s in terms of design and efficiency but they remain to be one of the most popular and iconic cars of all time. The classic ‘bulldog’ appearance has remained through all the variations of the mini making it recognizable virtually anywhere in the world (well, if they watched any movies: The Italian Job? Bourne Identity? Okay, Mr. Bean then…but I digress).

Currently, the retro look is back in every sphere of life, and cars are no exception and so the Mini has become increasingly popular in the recent past. Plus, with BMW having taken over its production, newer models are much more powerful and efficient with a variety of designs that still retain the iconic Mini look.

Now, we understand that you may not be able to get a Mini straight from the BMW showroom. That is why the guys at Big Motoring World Canterbury are offering the best deals on various models of used Minis.

Big Motoring World Canterbury is as reliable as you can get with these used Minis. This dealership is part of Big Motoring World, the largest independent specialist in used BMWs, which has been doing this for over 20 years. Through its branches Big Motoring World Snodland and Big Motoring World Prestige (Canterbury), Big Motoring World has been offering great deals on car sales and very impressive after sale services to a variety of customers over the years.

Alright, all that sounds great but I’m sure you want to know if these guys have what you need, right? Well, let’s take a look at some of the Mini models available:

  • Mini Clubman
  • Mini Countryman
  • Mini Hatch Cooper S
  • Mini Hatch Cooper
  • Mini Hatch One
  • Mini Hatch First
  • Mini Convertible
  • Mini Roadster

That’s almost everything that has recently been churned out, right? All of these cars have reasonable mileage on them and they have models as recent as from 2012. There are both diesel engines and petrol ones in stock as well as manual and automatic machines.

They also come in a variety of colors and some even have cool designs on the body work: from Xenon headlights and checkered stripes to differently colored roofs and side mirror caps. The prices are also pretty good and the dealerships offer really good financing options to enable you to make payments comfortably.

After getting your Mini at the Big Motoring World Prestige, you can access great after sales care for your car at Big Motoring World Snodland which has a state-of-the-art service center that takes care of everything from servicing to body work and paint work at very affordable rates.

So if you are in or around Kent and you are looking for a Mini that is in great shape and at a reasonable price, you need to check out Big Motoring World Canterbury.

Big Motoring World – Proper Maintenance of your BMW’s exterior


Proper maintenance of your BMW’s exterior not only ensures that your car drives smoothly, but it also keeps your Beamer looking sharp. There are a number of aspects to consider when taking care of your BMW’s exterior. The following are a few areas you should look into:

Damage prevention, winter care and windscreen care

You can improve the effectiveness of wipers by fitting proper blades along with the recommended washer fluid—which is specially designed to remove grit and oil from your windscreen. Use soapy water or BMW Car Shampoo to clean the wiper blades.

Big Motoring World, as well as other BMW specialists, recommend that you replace the windscreen wipers twice a year; before and after the winter season. This optimizes performance and is especially important for cars fitted with rain sensors.

Winter care

Reduce the chance of condensation forming inside the fuel tank by keeping it full in cold weather. Condensed water dilutes the fuel, making the engine less efficient and possibly stalling it.

Damage prevention

When parking near a railway crossing or under a tree, take precautions against damage. You want to a buy a BMW Car Cover that is specific to the series. This keeps your Beamer protected from potentially corrosive matter and settling particles.

Take care to protect the sill of your boot and the bumper when loading your vehicle. Otherwise, you could dent or scratch it. You may consider buying a BMW boot protector to avoid ruining your car’s paintwork.

Tire care

When was the last time you checked your BMW’s tires? Set yourself apart from the majority of car owners who neglect checking their tires. Keep within the legal limit which may slightly vary from one municipality to another. Ideally, you should check your tires every two weeks or before a long journey.

Or you can have a local BMW dealer such as Big Motoring World to help you with tire inspection. Should your tires need replacing, the dealer can advise you on the correct BMW approved tire for your car. Your BMW specialist can offer an economic replacement package, as well as disposal of your old tires in an environmentally friendly manner.

Additionally, make sure that you maintain proper levels of tire pressure. Experts recommend that you check tire pressures at least once monthly or before a long journey. Incorrect tire pressures may result in inconsistent wear patterns. Over inflated tires typically wear heavily at the tire centre while under inflated tires wear mostly at the shoulders.

Find the correct tire pressure reading on the driver’s doorpost, while the driver’s door is open. Be sure to inspect the tire pressures at ambient temperature.

Once you are done inspecting the tire pressures, it may be necessary to reinitialize the Tire Pressure Warning system, depending on the specifications and age of your BMW. For information on how to reset this device, speak to your local BMW specialist or check your owner’s handbook.

As a rule, purchase BMW approved replacements parts and components. The warranty and added peace of mind is certainly worth it.


BMW Says it Has no Plans for M4 Gran Coupe, M3 Gran Turismo

Bmw-M4-Gran-Coupe2Those who expected BMW to build an M version of the 4-Series Gran Coupe will be disappointed to learn that the automaker doesn’t have plans for such a model. Despite having built the M6 Gran Coupe, the BMW M GmbH division will not build an M4 Gran Coupe any time soon.

“That is a negative. It was definitely considered, but there is no plan to build an M4 Gran Coupe,” BMW M GmbH’s sales boss Jörg Bartels wasquoted by Cars Guide. “Part of the reason is expected production volume, but also the 4-Series Gran Coupe is built in a different factory to both the 3-Series and 4 Series, so there is a lot of challenges there,” the executive added.

The F30 BMW 3-Series sedan and F80 M3 sedan are built in BMW’s Regensburg plant, while the F32 4-Series Coupe and F82 M4 Coupe are built in the Munich plant. The BMW 4-Series Coupe is produced at the Dingolfing factory.

According to Bartels, the numbers don’t add up for retooling a third German plant to assemble the M models’ series of bespoke drivetrain and structural elements, although the 4-Series Gran Coupe shares its wheelbase and platform with the 3-Series Sedan and 4-Series Coupe.

The BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo won’t get an M version either, but that comes as no surprise given that the larger 5-Series Gran Turismo never received an M variant either. This means that, at least for the foreseeable future, the mid-size BMW M family will be restricted to three models: M3 sedan, M4 Coupe and M4 Convertible.

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All-new BMW X6 revealed ahead of Moscow motor show debut


New version of BMW’s upmarket SUV will arrive in UK dealers in December, with prices starting at £51,150

The new BMW X6 has been revealed, with this second-generation model building on the upmarket coupé-like SUV that pioneered a new and lucrative market niche when it was launched in 2008.

Set to make its public debut at the Moscow motor show in August, the second-gen X6 is the latest in a long line of new BMW models revealed in recent months. It is due to go on sale in the UK in December, priced from £51,150.

Despite a slow start in the midst of a global financial downturn, the first-gen X6 has proved highly successful. BMW claims global sales of more than 250,000; that’s an annual average of more than 40,000 throughout its six-year production cycle.

The second-gen X6 has been comprehensively re-engineered in a joint development programme with the recently introduced third-gen X5, alongside which it will be produced at BMW’s US factory in South Carolina.

The styling of the new SUV has been progressed using an evolutionary approach that retains a similar silhouette to its predecessor’s but with even bolder detailing at the front and rear. The body of the new SUV receives a more structured look than its predecessor, with subtle nods to the smaller and cheaper X4.

The new X6 is slightly 
bigger than its predecessor, but not by as much as earlier disguised prototypes had suggested. At 4909mm in length, 1989mm in width and 1702mm in height, it is 34mm longer, 4mm wider and 12mm higher than the outgoing X6. The wheelbase has been reduced by 2mm, to 1933mm.

It hits the scales 10kg below that of the old model at 2065kg in its lightest xDrive30d guise, despite higher equipment levels.

Inside, the latest X6 receives a restyled dashboard, more heavily contoured seats and luxurious trims – much of which are shared with the X5. Load space has increased, but only modestly. At 580 litres, the new X6 offers 10 litres more luggage capacity underneath its cargo blind than its predecessor with its newly configured 40/20/40 rear seats in place.

BMW has revealed three launch engines for the new X6 – one petrol and two diesels. All engines are mated to a standard-fit eight-speed automatic gearbox and BMW’s xDrive four-wheel drive system, which can be enhanced with a Dynamic Performance Control option that adds an electronically controlled torque vectoring function for added traction.

Crowning the line-up at the launch will be the xDrive50i, which runs a turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 petrol engine. It produces 443bhp and 480lb ft of torque, up 42bhp and 37lb ft
compared with its predecessor. It can dispatch the 0-62mph sprint 0.6sec quicker than its forebear, at 4.8sec.

Among the initial pair of diesels being made available for the X6 is BMW’s widely used turbocharged 3.0-litre, in-line six-cylinder engine. It produces 254bhp and 413lb ft 
in the X6 xDrive30d. It’s good for 0-62mph in 6.7sec, combined economy of 47.1mpg and CO2 emissions of 159g/km.

Rounding off the launch line-up is the X6 M50d, which receives the same tri-turbocharged 3.0-litre, six-cylinder diesel as its predecessor, with 376bhp and a stout 545lb ft of torque. It is now capable of 0-62mph in 5.2sec, BMW claims, and top speed is limited at 155mph.

In spring 2015, BMW plans to add successors to the xDrive35i and xDrive40d to the new X6 line-up.

BMW is already talking up the dynamic properties of the new X6, suggesting that it improves on the already impressive on-road traits of its predecessor. It is underpinned by a newly developed aluminium-intensive chassis that features a combination of double wishbones up front and a multi-link arrangement at the rear. A reduction in unsprung masses is claimed by BMW to provide added agility and improved response.


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Mini VP McDowell To Retire

Mini VP McDowell To Retire

There has recently been a reshuffle in the organisation of senior staff in the design departments at BMW and Mini.

This reorganisation has spread over to North America where there will be significant changes with a view to improving relations with customers.

A new role has been created for Peter Miles, who will move from his Executive Vice President of Operations Role to become the Vice President of Sales Channel Development and Customer Relations.

This is a multifaceted role where key areas of interaction will be tightly managed with a view to better understanding the needs of potential and existing customers.

Jim McDowell, who has been the Vice President of Mini in the Americas, will retire. Having had great success during an award winning stint with BMW as the Vice President of Marketing since 1993, McDowell had been in charge of Mini Marketing, Sales and Aftersales in the US since 2005.

David Duncan has been promoted to Vice President of Mini of the Americas. He was previously in a role as the Regional Vice President for the Western Region. He has a wide range of expertise due to his involvement in various key areas for BMW and Mini.

Petter Witt has become the Regional Vice President of the Western Region, meaning he will be in charge of servicing and sales for BMW and Mini in that zone. His previous experience came as the Managing Director of BMW Sweden.

In a press release demonstrating these changes, BMW has made it clear that their focus is on ‘improving all phases of the customer journey from prospect to purchase and throughout the ownership life-cycle’ and went on to thank Jim McDowell ‘for his years of exemplary service to the BMW Group’.

Mini launches new F54 Clubman

Mini launches new F54 Clubman

Mini goes maxi with the launch of their new F54 Clubman, with this new 2015 model looking closer to Countryman size for added usability.

The new model should first hit the market in the first six months of 2015, offering a five door Mini with comfortable 2 + 3 seating. While it will still feature the iconic rear club doors, the single driver-side door will become two standard car doors thanks to both customer feedback and the desire for the added safety of having a B pillar on both sides.

Rear legroom will no longer be an issue in the F54 Clubman – even with the increased width that allows for a third seat in the back. Those who want a Mini but with greater boot space will be happy, as the length and width of the boot will be drastically increased, and there will be no issues with loading bulky or heavy items in as the hinging of the rear club doors will mean that the Mini F54 Clubman will feature significantly greater load angles. One big change at the rear, however, is that the rear lights will be integrated into the doors of the boot – and in terms of style and shape, will look very similar to those featured on the Paceman.

The design of the new F54 Clubman has already been signed off, with BMW now creating prototypes and conducting manufacturing assessments, ready for a probable launch before the second half of 2015.

BMW i3 vs ELR: battle of the EVs

BMW i3 vs ELR: battle of the EVs

One US writer for Autoblog got to spend time with both BMW’s i3 and Cadillac’s much more expensive ELR recently, and in a head-to-head test the results proved surprising.

The ELR combines a 1.4-litre petrol engine with a 16.5kWh lithium ion battery that produces a healthy 295lb/ft of torque and makes the ELR effectively Cadillac’s halo model. It comes with a variety of modes to go from the most efficient set-up to the most sporting and it’s a genuine driver experience that goes some way to justifying its near $80,000 price tag in the US.

BMW’s i3 is a whole new approach. It’s smaller, and the body is produced from a carbon fibre reinforced plastic shell stretched over an aluminium frame. Its 170-hp, 184-lb/ft. motor is powered by a 22-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and there’s an optional range extender for those that need to make longer journeys and are worried how far the batteries will take them.

The end result was a tricky one. The Cadillac is clearly the better driver’s car, but the i3′s price tag, $42,275, swings the balance in its favour. So BMW’s pricing policy is what marks it apart for now, but favourable reviews of the i3 should mean it becomes a regular in the city in coming years as it skirts Congestion Charging, and there are a number of tax incentives for the public to adopt EVs like this one.

New Mini design released by BMW.

In mid-November, BMW unveiled some exciting car news: the details of the company’s brand new Mini, which will first be available in spring 2014. With changes to the exterior, interior, dimensions and features, Mini have certainly put a lot of work into the improvements.

Three models – the Cooper , Cooper S and Cooper D – will be available at launch, all three with new engines and a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, with the option of a six-speed automatic gearbox available. The Mini is now no longer as mini, with an extra 10cm in length, 4cm in width and 7mm in height when compared with the existing model. Outside, it keeps a lot of the features of the older models, but with more sculpting of the side panels, a side window line that is more tapered and a wider tailgate. Buyers will also be able to choose from five additional paint colours, and will be able to add roof rails as an optional feature for the first time.

New Mini

CO2 emissions have dropped and fuel efficiency has improved for all three models, and the boot space has increased by over 30%, making these cars more practical. Inside, expect new circular dials located behind the steering wheel, with higher spec models featuring “controller” devices to control the entertainment and satnav systems, located on the central console.

There are also plenty of new features available, such as a rear view parking camera and self-parking functionality, while rumour has it that BMW will also be releasing a new five door version and a new, longer estate version of the Mini that will replace the Clubman. Big changes all round from the German manufacturer.