Cleaning Your BMW’s Exterior – Tips from Big Motoring World Specialists

Big Motoring World

BMW specialists at Big Motoring World provide the following processes for cleaning your BMW’s exterior.


It should take roughly thirty minutes. This is the first, and possibly the most important, step. It removes most of the surface grime, making the remaining steps a little easier and safer for the paint on your car. To begin with, be sure to pick a shady spot under a tree. Big Motoring World specialists strongly advice against washing your BMW under direct sunlight as it may ruin your paintwork.

You can use generic soap designed for vehicles. Some BMW owners may use harsh soaps to get rid of wax before detailing, but that is unnecessary since polishing or claying the surface strips off the wax more effectively.

Place a small amount of detergent in water, enough to create suds and capable of breaking down enough of the grime and grease that gets into soap water. Before taking the wash mitt to the car, thoroughly rinse the car with plain water. This is especially important if there is visible dirt on the BMW. Big Motoring World specialists assert that if you neglect this step, the dirt may act like sandpaper and scour your BMW’s clear coat.

It is generally advisable to clean your BMW from the roof, working downward. The top of the car will usually be cleaner than the bottom and it makes no sense to expose the entire car to the dirty wash mitt when you can easily limit that exposure.


You might be thinking to yourself, what’s the big fuss about drying a car? Well, there is really no big deal, as long as you know where and how to dry your car. As mentioned earlier, Big Motoring World Canterbury specialists advise against washing your BMW under direct sunlight. In case you don’t have shade, dry the car as quickly as possible. If you fail to do this, destructive water spots will form. Water spots form as a result of hard water drying. However, even softened water can produce water spots under certain conditions.

When you are prepared to dry your BMW, take the hose nozzle and place it over the horizontal surfaces of the vehicle allowing it to run down the sides of the car. Spraying the car leaves a lot of water drops all over the vehicle, making it harder to dry the car, more so if the car is well waxed, say Big Motoring World Snodland specialists.

If you intend to follow through the remaining steps of detailing, do not take your car out on the road as you will just make your car dirty again and you’ll need to do another wash.

According to Big Motoring World Prestige specialists, proper drying entails drying the car while minimizing physical contact with the paint. Unfold the towel and drape it over one side of a specific surface section. With one hand at the far end of the towel and the other hand closer to you, gently “walk” it across the surface.

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