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Buying a Large Pre-Owned BMW? Some Tips from the Big Motoring World Team



Consider the following when buying a pre-owned BMW from an independent used BMW retailer in the UK.

1. Saloon or Hatchback?

Many factors determine whether you buy a saloon or hatchback BMW from Big Motoring World. Versatility and boot space are top among them. Granted, hatchbacks typically trump saloons in this respect, but saloons typically provide better security for luggage.

2. Running Costs

Minimizing running costs is an issue that all BMW owners should bear in mind. In addition to fuel consumption, servicing, parts and insurance, you need to consider the cost of depreciation. This tends to be very steep for brand new BMWs. Pre-owned BMWs, on the other hand, are known to hold their price. For this reason, an increasing number of BMW aficionados prefer to buy pre-owned BMWs from reputable used car retailers such as Big Motoring World Canterbury.

3. Space

The whole point of purchasing a large car is the amount of space it offers for passengers and cargo. However, not very vehicle that is large on the outside is as spacious on the inside. For example, you may be surprised at how cramped the rear seats are in the Mercedes C-class, Lexus IS and Audi A4. Among the top on the list of practicality king is the BMW 3 Series from Big Motoring World.

4. Petrol or Diesel

The vast majority of large cars sold in the UK now are diesel-powered. The reasons have everything to do with the fuel-efficiency and the tax benefits emanating from reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The best large diesels are now rated under 100 grams/km of carbon dioxide—meaning free vehicle tax. Modern diesels have incredible pulling power, so they are rarely a compromise when compared to petrol versions, says the Big Motoring World Snodland team.

Be that as it may, do not be quick to dismiss petrol. The most modern petrol power plants are impressively efficient and, according to Big Motoring World specialists, the price premium of buying a diesel may at times takes years to claw back through lower running costs.

5. Get the Specs right

It is essential to correctly specify the BMW that interests you. Large BMW buyers expect Sat Nav, climate control and metallic paint. leather upholstery is a worthwhile.

6. Performance and Handling

You don’t need Big Motoring WorldPrestige specialists to tell you that large BMWs can be among the best cars to drive on the road. Models such as the BMW 3 Series are almost like sports cars in the way they drive, with agile handling and exemplary performance.

7. New Tech or Hybrids

New “green” technology is entering the large BMW sector at an alarming rate, and it’s something t hat should be on your radar. Hybrids – vehicles with both electric and conventional engines – have been around for a time. The benefits of these cars are low carbon dioxide emissions and high fuel-economy figures.

8. Comfort

Needless to say, the only way to determine how comfortable you are with your BMW of interest is taking it out on a long test drive.

Considerations to Make When Buying Used BMWs in the UK – Big Motoring World

Big motoring world-7

Whether you call them used BMWs or pre-owned BMWs, there are many considerations to make when buying a used car. It can be an arduous task if you are not well prepared, says the Big Motoring World team in the UK. Oftentimes, a brand new BMW will be expensive, but if you know what to look for, you can find the best pre-owned BMW that suits your needs and budget.

1. Look Out for Leaks

Big Motoring World Canterbury specialists advise you to check under the car and on the ground for any coolant or oil leaks. Check the oil and fluids in the radiator. If either is low, there may be a leakage.

2. Examine the Body of the Car

Tapping on the car lightly will help you determine whether it has been in an accident and repaired, asserts the Big Motoring World team. If the body sounds like it is padded when you tap it, then chances are it’s been repaired. Although some bodywork should not be an issue, if there is a lot, it may point to a serious accident and therefore may mean more problems with the body than meet the eye.

3. Have a Trusted Mechanic Take a Look at the Engine

If it is possible, ask a qualified mechanic to inspect the car. Perhaps you can have him accompany you when you go to look at the vehicle. Alternatively, you can make prior arrangements for the mechanic to stop by when you test drive the car. He will tell you if the car is mechanically sound or if you will invest a lot more money sprucing it up.

4. Check the BMW’s Interior

A used car is not going to have as perfect an interior as a new car. Granted, you will want to take a good look at the interior of the pre-owned BMW you are considering, according to Big Motoring World Snodland specialists. Check for any serious damage. This may include holes in the floor or torn seats. Moreover, make sure there are no stains or odors inside that you cannot live with.

5. Test-drive the BMW

Taking pre-owed BMWs out for a test-drive is one of the most important steps to buying a pre-owned “Bimmer.” Big Motoring World specialists advise you not to pass up the opportunity. Drive the BMW for a reasonable period, long enough to allow the engine to fully warm up so that you can listen for engine knocks.

Listen carefully for any weird noises, such as clunks. Pay attention to the way the vehicle handles, how the suspension and steering feel, and if the transmission shifts smoothly. These parts can be expensive to replace if they are damaged, so it’s better to know before you drive the car home, says the Big Motoring World Prestige team.

There is nothing wrong with buying pre-owned BMWs as long as you are willing to take the time to carefully examine them before making your final decision. You want to be sure that that the BMW is worth its salt.

Buying Your Car like a Pro at Big Motoring World

4Searching for a used car in the UK has been made easier by the advent of online car supermarkets.  However, this is not even the hardest part because once you spot your car from the Big Motoring World Canterburypage, you still need to visit the site and have a feel of the car.

If you are looking for well-serviced used BMW then these car specialist in Kent are the ones to use. It is still important to note that success in buying the right car rests on you.

Rule of Thumb in Shopping

But first things first; if you want to make the right purchase, you have to take due diligence. Here are a few things to consider before you even visit Big Motoring Worldfor the inspection:

  • Assess the BMW model you want: There are hundreds of cars available in stock and if you search blindly it will be a fruitless venture.
  • Consider your budget: This makes it easier to select the used car you want.
  • Select a reliable dealer: The car you buy is only as good as the dealer you buy it from. As such check reputation of the dealer, experience in the industry, customer support, resources and seek referrals.Big Motoring Worldcomes highly recommended even winning the coveted Motor Trader Award of Independent Used Car Retailer of the Year in 2010.
  • Research, search and compare: Before buying your ride, make sure you put in time going through available stock. Never make a rushed decision because a car is a large purchase which will affect your finances.

With this in mind, you are now ready to visit Big Motoring World Prestigeto look for the best BMW.

Inspecting Your Ride

. Some key areas to lookout for include:

  • Bodywork: First impressions rarely lie and hence look for dents, scratches, bumps and any other damage on the body work as it could point to accidents. Other things to lookout for include rust, condition of the rocker panels beneath the doors and performance of the doors when opening and closing.
  • Glass, lights and lenses: All of these should not have any cracks or chipping. Test the lights and have a friend check if they are working.
  • Tires: If a car is in good shape and has low mileage, it will still have original tires. However, if it has low mileage and new tires it can point to aggressive driving meaning there could be more hidden problems with the suspension and wheel alignment.
  • Interior: Your car is like a second home so ensure it is comfortable. Look at the seat conditions, seat belts, and be on the lookout for odors which could indicate water leakage. All the electronic instruments and controls such as light indicators, AC and soundshould be functioning optimally.
  • Under the hood: Engine work is a bit technical but generally look at the battery condition, hoses and belts, level of fluids and the radiator. Fluid colors changes are very important as indicated in the owner’s manual as they indicate underlying problems. If the dipstick has metal residue or water droplets, there is a big problem with the engine.

If you are unsure about anything, the experts at Big Motoring World Snodlandwill be on hand to help you and give independent advice.

Now go out and start assessing that dream ride at Big Motoring World. You will be soon driving your dream gleaming BMW.

Things You Did Not Know About Big Motoring World

3Those who have ever made a purchase from Big Motoring World will bear witness that this is a reputable car dealership run by professionals who go out of their way to ensure the needs of their clients have been met.  Not only are you assured of value for your money and honest opinions from the experts in the many outlets but you are also around people who will walk with you from the day you make the purchase onwards. Vehicles bought here can serve you for many years even if they are not brand new.

This is a Certified Car Dealership which is a Part of a Trade Association

This means that Big Motoring World is under a body that governs its operations. It has a set of rules and regulations it must adhere to for it to continue operating. This is also an advantage to the customers because they are assured of quality products and a third party to intervene in case of problems.

All the Cars are Fully Certified

You are assured that vehicles from this dealership come with guarantees and warranties. They are inspected regularly to ensure that they are safe and in good condition. They all have a history you can refer to when you want to make a purchase. You can check the wide selection of vehicles at Big Motoring World Canterbury or the other outlets for your preferred BMW.  You are also assured that there is always an outlet nearby which is a convenient choice.

It is a Trustworthy and Reliable Dealership

It can be very disappointing when you walk into a dealership and cannot find what you are looking for or there is no one to help you make an informed choice.  At Big Motoring Snodland,there is a wide variety to choose from. Also, you will have trained technicians to help you make an informed decision.  For the twenty plus years it has been in operation, this dealership has ensured that it protects its brand and keeps its customers first.

You Get After Sale Services

Even after you make the purchase at Big Motoring World, you are not on your own. You are assured of great services whenever you need them. You will be advised on the best car maintenance practices.  Even when your car breaks down, you can get it fixed at any of the outlets including Big Motoring World Prestige.  You can also get 24 hrs car repair services at the Snodland outlet. You will be given a car at the outlet if yours needs to stay there for a few days.

Professional and Experienced Staff Members

There is nothing as fulfilling as being served by cheerful and experienced staff members who give you all their time and attention. It makes you feel appreciated and worthy.  The staff members are experts in the field assuring you that professionals are handling any issues or concerns you may have. You also have 24 hr customer care services at your disposal. This has made this dealership build a trustworthy name over the years.


10 Reasons why big motoring world is the best place to get a pre-owned BMW

big motoring world

big motoring world

It is important to purchase your pre-owned BMW from an authorized dealer like Big Motoring World Canterbury. This will ensure the level of risk you assume is minimized. Big Motoring World has a reputation of dealing with the pre-owned BMW’s that are in great condition.

What makes Big Motoring World the best place to purchase a car?

  • Strict servicing record

Whether it is at Big Motoring World Snodland or any other of their dealerships servicing is foremost. They will provide you with a complete serving history of the particular car .This way you can evaluate for yourself how the car was cared for.

  • BMW’s in great shape

Whether it is Big Motoring World Prestige or any other of their outlets the cars have a clean look. You will however not find scratches, misaligned bumpers and panels and stone chips among others. This will save you a lot of money if you have to fix it.

  • Professionalism

The sales personnel are knowledgeable about the various issues of the cars. The technicians will be able to explain to you the various features that make this car a powerful machine. It has a reputation for great customer care.

  • Accessibility

It is the biggest independent dealership of BMW in UK. It also has several dealerships which mean you can get one near you. These dealerships carry over 1200 high quality BMW’s which guarantees you will find something you like.

  • Bargained prices and financing

They give you a chance to re -negotiate the sale price. However the best part is they have an in- house financing system that is suited for every budget. They also have a reputation of having the best prices.

  • Variety

They not only have BMW’s, they also have prestige cars the likes of Audi and Mercedes Benz among others. They also do have family cars. All their cars are less than 10 years old and thus you can be assured you will get something that will please you.

  • Free servicing and MOT testing

They have a team of well trained technicians who will ensure your car maintains power and performance. They also do modern upgrading i.e. including state-of the art diagnostic tools .You can bring your own mechanic to verify everything and even have a test drive to be sure.

  • Stock top quality parts

Whether it is tires, windscreens or bolstered seats you need to make your car look great you will find them here. They have parts with high quality for every budget. There technicians will even fix them for you so that you are not swindled by other dealers.

  • Reputation

They have been in business for over 20 years. Their staff has seen all versions of cars and knows everything about old cars and also modern upgrades. You are assured of excellent advice when you visit their dealership.

  • Informative website

You will find plenty of insightful information on BMW’s as well as other cars whether it is brand new or used .They give you tips on what to look for when buying a pre-owned car. The information is from reliable technicians with training and experience.

Big Motoring World Group’s dealership is the place to find a pre-owned BMW as well as other prestige cars in great condition. It has been in business for over 20 years thus they host experienced staff that will assist you find something you like that is within your budget.

Big Motoring World: How to Identify a Great Car Dealer

Big Motoring WorldAre you shopping for a car? It can be quite a chore, what with shady car salesmen, lots of paper work and hidden fees!

However, if you do your homework, buying a car can be a great experience. First and foremost, identify a good dealership, one that is fair, honest and has the right merchandise.

Here is how to spot a good dealership:

  • It has certified vehicles: A good dealership will sell cars that are certified. This means that they come with an extended warranty and service guarantee.

For pre-owned cars, this warranty is usually longer than that previously given by the factory.

  • It enjoys good referrals:  If the dealership is good, your friends, family and colleagues have probably referred you to it.

They have probably told you which sales people to approach and which ones to avoid.

Check web forums to find information on the reputation of the dealership.

  • It is within your neighbourhood: A dealership within your neighbourhood is best because the salesperson may view you as a neighbour.

This helps in building a relationship with the dealership. It also promises years of repeat maintenance and repair, which the sales person will want to preserve.

  • It is part of a trade association: Check for a trade association sign. This means that the dealership follows a certain code of practice.
  • It has a wide variety: A good dealership has a wide variety of vehicles for you to choose from.

If you want a car that is in high demand, the competition will be lower because every customer wanting to buy it will find something similar.

  • It protects its brand: Good dealerships do not like bad publicity. They give you the best service. They are also trustworthy because they want to uphold their reputation.
  • It has trained technicians: A good dealership has technicians who can help you with maintenance once you have purchased your car.

They can use the latest tools and access diagnostic computers, parts and tools during maintenance.

For example, BMW cars use specific diagnostic computers and software e.g. Auto logic system which allows the technician to carry out quicker diagnostics than SSS, GT1 and ISIS.

Technicians at a reputable dealership such as the Big Motoring World use the latest tooling and diagnostics equipment and they can access genuine car parts.

You can watch as the technicians carry out an MOT test on your car at the Big Motoring World Snodland.

  • It has standardized service: The most notable thing about chains of dealerships such as the Big Motoring World is that they have the same level of service in their various outlets.

Whether you are at Big Motoring World Canterbury service centre or Big Motoring World Prestige, you will get the same standard of high quality service.

  • It gives deals: A good dealership offers deals during off peak times. Be on the lookout for deals on its cars and maintenance packages. This will save you money.
  • It has well trained staff: A good dealership must have employees that are polite and well trained. The salespeople must know everything about the car that you are buying so that they can answer your questions and direct you accordingly.

Staff teams of dealerships that have been around for a while know how to make customers happy.

For instance, Big Motoring World has been in existence for more than two decades.  Its sales team and technicians have received rave reviews for their services.

Once you spot a good dealership, buying that car will not be so complicated after all.

Big Motoring World: BMW Models Available


There are cars and then there are machines. The BMW is not just a car but it is also a driving machine. The BMW car offers the ultimate driving experience. People all over the world agree that this car does not just offer the best driving experience, but it is also great value for your money. The comfort that you experience as soon as you enter it is what makes it more popular.

Another reason why the BMW is famous is thatit offers variety. You simply cannot get enough of this machine. The car company stocks amazing cars that quite frankly, can make it impossible for you to choose one model. At Big Motoring World, you have the opportunity to choose a car that you love. One of the ways that people identify a model of choice is looking at the character of the car. When it comes to character, the BMW is undoubtedly top of the table. It is very competitive and offers great speed. From its interior to exterior specifications, you are sure to find a model that you love at the Big Motoring World. Here are some of the BMW models to choose:

BMW Series: 1, 3 and 5

This series is very famous because of the dynamics. At Big Motoring World, you can also choose different colours of the BMW 1, 3 and 5 series. They exist in 3-door or 5-door hatchback. There are also convertibles in this series. The best thing about buying this series at the Big motoring world Canterbury is because it offers the best performance. The BMW 1 series is great for a small family. If you are a little tight on budget, this car is the best choice for you as it is the cheapest model in the market. The latest developments of these cars are the electric driving mechanism. With a speed of over 150 km, this is definitely a BMW series to think about. Another reason why these cars are popular in the market is their fuel economy. If you are concerned about using the least energy in your car, consider this series.

BMW X Series: X1, X3, X5 and X6

There are those who love small cars. Then there is that class of people who love big cars. If this is you, this series of cars should be your choice. The Big Motoring World Snodland offers the opportunity for clients to own the BMW X series. The X series is also an all-wheels drive cars, the cheapest being the X1. The latest X6 model has larger wheels and is perfect for all seasons. The best thing about this series is the performance control. They have the ability to correct under and over steer.

BMW Z Series: Z4

Big Motoring World Prestige clients who purchase this car are looking for a sports car. The head top is removable and the sports suspension allows the driver to drive at top speeds. This is definitely a car worth purchasing for the adrenaline junkie.


Big Motoring World: Setting Out To Buy a Car ‘Gift’


So, you’re looking to surprise your loved one with an exquisite car for her birthday or anniversary. However, you are looking to find a quality second hand car without having to rob a bank for that purchase. The problem for most is the amount of hassle and anxiety that comes with finding and buying a second hand car.

The thought of buying a car that might break down the moment you leave the car lot or after a week leads many to opt to buy a brand new car. However, with the economy in UK as it is, that is a tough choice. For those looking to go green, there are electric cars that would suit your needs. For the ones with a taste for exquisite German cars, finding that car at an affordable price can be a task. However, the question still boils down to, where do I find what I need?

Where to look?

Big Motoring World offers a wide range of automotive services. From selling quality second hand cars at inexpensive prices, offering maintenance for your vehicles as well as servicing your cars all at pocket friendly prices this dealer aim is to meet all your automotive needs. It has service centres in UK that are aimed at increasing convenience to you as a customer as well as ensuring that your needs are met.

At the Big Motoring World Prestige, even if you are not sure of what you would want to purchase, there are highly trained car dealers available to help you narrow down your search. Depending on the car power that you are looking to purchase, they can help you identify that car that you were looking to buy. Whether you want a diesel or petrol car, this dealer has the car for you. Whether you are looking to buy a big or smaller car, the dealers at Big Motoring World are trained to identify your need and strive to meet it.

This dealership also has a big body shop that is sure to meet all you diagnostic, servicing and maintenance needs. Whether you are looking to repair your car or to modify it, it has what you need.

So, once you identify that car that you want to buy as a gift, the dealer assists in the financing of the same depending on your needs, and also cater for all the servicing and maintenance that the car would need after the purchase. Not only does this ensure your satisfaction but also that of the recipient of the car.

If Big Motoring World Canterbury or the Big Motoring World Prestige service centre is not in your vicinity, you can get other centres in UK that are set up to cater for your automotive needs. To ensure customer satisfaction, there is also a Big Motoring World Snodland service centre.

Thus, regardless of your location, there is a Big Motoring World shop nearby that catering to your needs. Next time you are surfing the internet, take a look at all the other offers that they have for cars as well as car services online. Don’t miss out!

BMW Says it Has no Plans for M4 Gran Coupe, M3 Gran Turismo

Bmw-M4-Gran-Coupe2Those who expected BMW to build an M version of the 4-Series Gran Coupe will be disappointed to learn that the automaker doesn’t have plans for such a model. Despite having built the M6 Gran Coupe, the BMW M GmbH division will not build an M4 Gran Coupe any time soon.

“That is a negative. It was definitely considered, but there is no plan to build an M4 Gran Coupe,” BMW M GmbH’s sales boss Jörg Bartels wasquoted by Cars Guide. “Part of the reason is expected production volume, but also the 4-Series Gran Coupe is built in a different factory to both the 3-Series and 4 Series, so there is a lot of challenges there,” the executive added.

The F30 BMW 3-Series sedan and F80 M3 sedan are built in BMW’s Regensburg plant, while the F32 4-Series Coupe and F82 M4 Coupe are built in the Munich plant. The BMW 4-Series Coupe is produced at the Dingolfing factory.

According to Bartels, the numbers don’t add up for retooling a third German plant to assemble the M models’ series of bespoke drivetrain and structural elements, although the 4-Series Gran Coupe shares its wheelbase and platform with the 3-Series Sedan and 4-Series Coupe.

The BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo won’t get an M version either, but that comes as no surprise given that the larger 5-Series Gran Turismo never received an M variant either. This means that, at least for the foreseeable future, the mid-size BMW M family will be restricted to three models: M3 sedan, M4 Coupe and M4 Convertible.

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All-new BMW X6 revealed ahead of Moscow motor show debut


New version of BMW’s upmarket SUV will arrive in UK dealers in December, with prices starting at £51,150

The new BMW X6 has been revealed, with this second-generation model building on the upmarket coupé-like SUV that pioneered a new and lucrative market niche when it was launched in 2008.

Set to make its public debut at the Moscow motor show in August, the second-gen X6 is the latest in a long line of new BMW models revealed in recent months. It is due to go on sale in the UK in December, priced from £51,150.

Despite a slow start in the midst of a global financial downturn, the first-gen X6 has proved highly successful. BMW claims global sales of more than 250,000; that’s an annual average of more than 40,000 throughout its six-year production cycle.

The second-gen X6 has been comprehensively re-engineered in a joint development programme with the recently introduced third-gen X5, alongside which it will be produced at BMW’s US factory in South Carolina.

The styling of the new SUV has been progressed using an evolutionary approach that retains a similar silhouette to its predecessor’s but with even bolder detailing at the front and rear. The body of the new SUV receives a more structured look than its predecessor, with subtle nods to the smaller and cheaper X4.

The new X6 is slightly 
bigger than its predecessor, but not by as much as earlier disguised prototypes had suggested. At 4909mm in length, 1989mm in width and 1702mm in height, it is 34mm longer, 4mm wider and 12mm higher than the outgoing X6. The wheelbase has been reduced by 2mm, to 1933mm.

It hits the scales 10kg below that of the old model at 2065kg in its lightest xDrive30d guise, despite higher equipment levels.

Inside, the latest X6 receives a restyled dashboard, more heavily contoured seats and luxurious trims – much of which are shared with the X5. Load space has increased, but only modestly. At 580 litres, the new X6 offers 10 litres more luggage capacity underneath its cargo blind than its predecessor with its newly configured 40/20/40 rear seats in place.

BMW has revealed three launch engines for the new X6 – one petrol and two diesels. All engines are mated to a standard-fit eight-speed automatic gearbox and BMW’s xDrive four-wheel drive system, which can be enhanced with a Dynamic Performance Control option that adds an electronically controlled torque vectoring function for added traction.

Crowning the line-up at the launch will be the xDrive50i, which runs a turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 petrol engine. It produces 443bhp and 480lb ft of torque, up 42bhp and 37lb ft
compared with its predecessor. It can dispatch the 0-62mph sprint 0.6sec quicker than its forebear, at 4.8sec.

Among the initial pair of diesels being made available for the X6 is BMW’s widely used turbocharged 3.0-litre, in-line six-cylinder engine. It produces 254bhp and 413lb ft 
in the X6 xDrive30d. It’s good for 0-62mph in 6.7sec, combined economy of 47.1mpg and CO2 emissions of 159g/km.

Rounding off the launch line-up is the X6 M50d, which receives the same tri-turbocharged 3.0-litre, six-cylinder diesel as its predecessor, with 376bhp and a stout 545lb ft of torque. It is now capable of 0-62mph in 5.2sec, BMW claims, and top speed is limited at 155mph.

In spring 2015, BMW plans to add successors to the xDrive35i and xDrive40d to the new X6 line-up.

BMW is already talking up the dynamic properties of the new X6, suggesting that it improves on the already impressive on-road traits of its predecessor. It is underpinned by a newly developed aluminium-intensive chassis that features a combination of double wishbones up front and a multi-link arrangement at the rear. A reduction in unsprung masses is claimed by BMW to provide added agility and improved response.


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