The BMW Z4 Roadster is a sleek, beautiful car with a range of advanced features to provide the ultimate driving experience. The twin headlights at the front and rear lights incorporate xenon technology for great visibility. The interior is designed as beautifully as the exterior for style and comfort, and a feeling of real luxury. The model has state-of-the-art systems for optimum road handling and a 7-speed Sport automatic double clutch transmission.

An emergency call can be made from the car and the location of the car known precisely, quickly and easily. The headlights adjust their brightness according to changing conditions. Other features include real time traffic information and route planning, Internet, and online assistance, all presented on a large, crystal clear display. As with all the models, a range of BMW accessories can also be incorporated into the model.

Electric power steering creates wonderful handling and Brake Energy Regeneration technology assists in fuel efficiency. This really is a lovely model that anyone would be proud to drive.