BMW X4 2014 price & release date

The concept model for the new BMW X4 was first unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, and seeing as the final production model is expected to be very similar it shouldn’t take too long for BMW to expose the completed masterpiece.

BMW X4 2014

From the images released, the BMW X4 appears to be a sportier version of the X3, just as the X6 is a sportier version of the X5, with larger wheels and a firmer suspension. The X4 is also similar to the X6 in that it has a sloping roof-line and an upturned boot lid. With the success of the X6 over the X5 it’s no wonder that BMW has chosen to revamp the X3 in the same way.

Although the interior of this new car is yet to be revealed it can be estimated that the layout will be almost identical to the X3 as would be expected for BMW to minimise development costs. Also, with the development of the sloping roof, it appears that headroom in the rear will be lacking.

No details have been provided about the engines yet either, but as with the interior, it is likely to be similar to that of the X3. BMW have confirmed that the X4 will come with the xDrive four-wheel-drive system found on its predecessors but they have not mentioned whether a rear-wheel-drive version will be available.

The BMW X4 is certain to make a well-anticipated appearance at the Detroit Motor Show in January, where an official 2014 release date is also likely to be announced. The price of the car is yet to be publicised too, but estimations are ranging from £30,000 – £35,000 in the United Kingdom. The car will be built alongside the X3, X5 and X6 at the Spartanburg Plant in South Carolina, USA.

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