The BMW X Series provides a range of stunning models for every taste and budget. There are four models in the series, X1, X3, X5 and X6. The X5 is a sports model.

Petrol or diesel engines are available, which are powerful and fuel and energy efficient, along with all-wheel steering to ensure a safe and smooth drive on all roads and in all conditions.

The range also boasts multimedia facilities, including the ability to play music tracks from an IPhone or IPad through the car’s sound system and the Hot Spot which allows connection to the Internet so devices can be used in-car.

The models in the range also incorporate a range of high quality safety features, including multiple cameras, the images from which are clearly displayed, along with adaptive brake lights and a speed dial projected onto the windscreen allowing the driver to see the information easily without obstructing vision, whatever the external light conditions.

Active Cruise Control is also featured along with Dynamic Traction Control for optimum road handling, grip and manoeuvrability. The aerodynamic design and fuel efficiency systems make the models very cost effective and a pleasure to drive. Brake Energy Regeneration technology allows for on-the-move battery charging, and the tyres are specially designed to flex less than conventional tyres, ensuring better grip and fuel economy.

Interactive information is available along with concierge services, which allow you to find out about all sorts of information from BMW call centre agents while you drive. An account can also be set up with BMW to provide in-car entertainment services, including music and video. Real time traffic information is available, along with remote control operation for the in-car functions. The Traffic Jam Assist system makes moving along in heavy traffic and congestion totally effortless, while full colour projection onto the windscreen allows the driver to see vital information easily and safely.

The iDrive touch controller allows for total driving control with one hand, and along with night vision cameras and pinpoint illumination of pedestrians, a range of cameras and sensors, and help with parking, the range boasts exceptional safety features, all designed to give the driver and passengers a safer and more pleasant driving experience.