The BMW i3 may get an early production boost

Having invested around £1.7 billion in the development of the BMW i3, the research and development team at BMW must have been waiting with baited breath to see what the response from the general public would be like.

As it turns out, they needn’t have worried. Interest in the vehicle has significantly exceeded expectations and as a result, BMW may have to increase the level of production of the i3 very soon.

BMW_i3BMW has already taken a large number of reservations and if this level of interest holds, the German car giants are likely to have to expand their operation regarding the production of the i3 in order to meet public demand.

It was a bold idea for BMW to try and create a game changing electric car from scratch. Other companies have taken the safer route by basing their electric cars on existing models. It seems that the investment has begun to pay off as people are getting very enthusiastic about the carefully crafted, environmentally friendly addition to the BMW fleet.

One of the key issues that members of the general public have consistently voiced since the inception of the first electric cars is the limitation on the driving distance of battery operated vehicles.
BMW_i3_1Whilst it is fair to mention that there is a range extending version of the BMW i3 available which enables you to take on petrol for longer journeys, people’s biggest issue with full electric vehicles has been the concern that the distance you can travel might not be enough.

In this case however, it doesn’t seem to have dampened the spirits of the masses of people registering an interest in the i3 before it has even been released.

Perhaps this change is simply down to the fact that people have been waiting for a top quality car manufacturer to commit to building a full electric car from scratch. There is something not particularly reassuring about companies simply fitting an electric engine into a conventional fuel based model chassis.

This may even be a tipping point for electric vehicles as trust in the concept is obviously increasing.

If BMW continue to see great levels of interest in the i3 after it is released, it will encourage other car manufacturers to start taking their own full electric car projects more seriously.

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