This Series provides stunning looking cars, including the ActiveHybrid BMW 7 Series with all the features of the 5 and 6 Series models and further features to enhance safety and the driving experience. Along with adaptive headlights that brighten, dim and move in perfect harmony with changing road and weather conditions, there are cornering lights and a clearly positioned, additional brake light at the rear.

A range of engine options are available from a straight 6-cylinder engine to a Twin Power Turbo 12-cylinder engine, and with an eight-speed automatic transmission, gear changes are imperceptible. The cars in the Series also feature a wealth of design and safety features, including a selection of real wood interior trims and leather upholstery, and are designed to be extremely spacious inside.

The driving system can actually calculate your level of driving fatigue from the way you are driving, and recommend breaks, as well as telling you where you can stop, and the models in the Series all have cruise control that adapts speed and proximity to other vehicles with sensitive radar technology and multiple cameras. If an impending collision is detected, the sunroof and windows close and the seat belts automatically tighten, and this happens within seconds. A dynamic light spot technology clearly illuminates pedestrians when external light is poor, and at night, and changes in headlight control also make the approaching vehicle clearly visible to pedestrians without dazzling them.

An electro-mechanical power steering system replaces the conventional hydraulic power steering system, decreasing fuel consumption. The system also provides excellent handling and manoeuvrability. Some of the models also include a feature that switches off the engine when the car is stationary, such as in a traffic jam, and switches it back on at the touch of a pedal. Engine ventilation is optimal and changes according to need, and this further increases fuel efficiency and engine health.

The features described here are some of the features the models offer for a safe and comfortable drive, but there is much more that could be said.