The BMW 6 Series boasts the Coupé, Gran Coupé and a convertible. The low chassis and shaping of the body provides for a very elegant and luxurious looking car. Inside, the upholstery is leather with a special technology that keeps it cool even in very hot weather, and whatever seating configuration is selected, there is still a generous amount of space. The models are available with 6 or 8-cylinder petrol engines or a 6-cylinder diesel engine and provide excellent fuel efficiency through the use of brake energy regeneration and direct fuel injection.

The models are fitted with a Bang and Olufsen stereo surround sound system, and all have leather and wood interiors. Integral active steering ensures that whatever the speed or road conditions, the cars handle perfectly, giving a smooth, safe and fuel efficient ride. There is a Drive Performance Control module in the cockpit allowing easy changing of driving style. Twin Power Turbo 8-cylinder engines are available or a 6-cylinder engine is also available if preferred. If a diesel engine is preferred, this is no problem, with the Series providing the option of a Twin Power Turbo straight 6-cylinder engine.

Considering the size and power of the engine, the fuel efficiency is extremely good. Around town the cars will do about 48 mpg whilst outside of urban areas, the consumption is around 59 mpg. In terms of acceleration, it is possible to achieve 0 – 60 in just over 5 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph can be achieved. To assist the driver, the speed and speed limit can be projected discreetly but clearly on the windscreen near to the base and this can be clearly seen by the driver.

The Series also boasts technology that includes notifying the driver of lane changes and lane restrictions as well as collision and proximity warnings. There is an Active Cruise Control facility that controls the car’s speed and proximity to the car in front with the use of highly sensitive radar technology, and cameras on the front and sides of the front bumper, and on the rear bumper, the images from which can be displayed on the clear screen in the cockpit. Pedestrian recognition is activated when in night vision mode allowing for an even safer drive.

Of course, this summary barely does justice to the many superior features in the cars in this Series.