In addition to the technology featured in the 1 and 3 Series cars, those in the BMW 5 Series boast further enhanced features, for safety, performance, space and comfort. The models in the range look like sporty saloons with a beautiful exterior shape and come with the option of additional features such as LED headlights. The headlights adjust themselves to the road conditions with the steering, and include an anti-dazzle high beam control. The lighting is adjusted to take account of the amount of ambient light and terrain.

Inside, the design provides a great deal of space and creates the impression of even more. Great care has been taken to ensure all the in-car features and controls are optimally positioned to make driving as easy as possible. The upholstery is to a very high standard and the interior is highly luxurious. The instrument panels are multi-functional and can be differently lit to suit the driving conditions, and there is satellite navigation and a state-of-the-art surround sound system. There is a panoramic glass roof with the option of automatically closing the shutters if required and a wind deflector to prevent an uncomfortable experience when driving with the roof open.

In respect of the drive itself, the Series boasts superior technology and 8-speed automatic transmission along with powerful engine technology. The models in the 5 Series can also calculate routes to suit whichever level of fuel efficiency is required and have exceptional road handling in all driving conditions. Merino Leather upholstery and different trim options are available, and there are three models in the series – Luxury, Modern and Sport.