Big Motoring World – Proper Maintenance of your BMW’s exterior


Proper maintenance of your BMW’s exterior not only ensures that your car drives smoothly, but it also keeps your Beamer looking sharp. There are a number of aspects to consider when taking care of your BMW’s exterior. The following are a few areas you should look into:

Damage prevention, winter care and windscreen care

You can improve the effectiveness of wipers by fitting proper blades along with the recommended washer fluid—which is specially designed to remove grit and oil from your windscreen. Use soapy water or BMW Car Shampoo to clean the wiper blades.

Big Motoring World, as well as other BMW specialists, recommend that you replace the windscreen wipers twice a year; before and after the winter season. This optimizes performance and is especially important for cars fitted with rain sensors.

Winter care

Reduce the chance of condensation forming inside the fuel tank by keeping it full in cold weather. Condensed water dilutes the fuel, making the engine less efficient and possibly stalling it.

Damage prevention

When parking near a railway crossing or under a tree, take precautions against damage. You want to a buy a BMW Car Cover that is specific to the series. This keeps your Beamer protected from potentially corrosive matter and settling particles.

Take care to protect the sill of your boot and the bumper when loading your vehicle. Otherwise, you could dent or scratch it. You may consider buying a BMW boot protector to avoid ruining your car’s paintwork.

Tire care

When was the last time you checked your BMW’s tires? Set yourself apart from the majority of car owners who neglect checking their tires. Keep within the legal limit which may slightly vary from one municipality to another. Ideally, you should check your tires every two weeks or before a long journey.

Or you can have a local BMW dealer such as Big Motoring World to help you with tire inspection. Should your tires need replacing, the dealer can advise you on the correct BMW approved tire for your car. Your BMW specialist can offer an economic replacement package, as well as disposal of your old tires in an environmentally friendly manner.

Additionally, make sure that you maintain proper levels of tire pressure. Experts recommend that you check tire pressures at least once monthly or before a long journey. Incorrect tire pressures may result in inconsistent wear patterns. Over inflated tires typically wear heavily at the tire centre while under inflated tires wear mostly at the shoulders.

Find the correct tire pressure reading on the driver’s doorpost, while the driver’s door is open. Be sure to inspect the tire pressures at ambient temperature.

Once you are done inspecting the tire pressures, it may be necessary to reinitialize the Tire Pressure Warning system, depending on the specifications and age of your BMW. For information on how to reset this device, speak to your local BMW specialist or check your owner’s handbook.

As a rule, purchase BMW approved replacements parts and components. The warranty and added peace of mind is certainly worth it.


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