Big Motoring World: How to Identify a Great Car Dealer

Big Motoring WorldAre you shopping for a car? It can be quite a chore, what with shady car salesmen, lots of paper work and hidden fees!

However, if you do your homework, buying a car can be a great experience. First and foremost, identify a good dealership, one that is fair, honest and has the right merchandise.

Here is how to spot a good dealership:

  • It has certified vehicles: A good dealership will sell cars that are certified. This means that they come with an extended warranty and service guarantee.

For pre-owned cars, this warranty is usually longer than that previously given by the factory.

  • It enjoys good referrals:  If the dealership is good, your friends, family and colleagues have probably referred you to it.

They have probably told you which sales people to approach and which ones to avoid.

Check web forums to find information on the reputation of the dealership.

  • It is within your neighbourhood: A dealership within your neighbourhood is best because the salesperson may view you as a neighbour.

This helps in building a relationship with the dealership. It also promises years of repeat maintenance and repair, which the sales person will want to preserve.

  • It is part of a trade association: Check for a trade association sign. This means that the dealership follows a certain code of practice.
  • It has a wide variety: A good dealership has a wide variety of vehicles for you to choose from.

If you want a car that is in high demand, the competition will be lower because every customer wanting to buy it will find something similar.

  • It protects its brand: Good dealerships do not like bad publicity. They give you the best service. They are also trustworthy because they want to uphold their reputation.
  • It has trained technicians: A good dealership has technicians who can help you with maintenance once you have purchased your car.

They can use the latest tools and access diagnostic computers, parts and tools during maintenance.

For example, BMW cars use specific diagnostic computers and software e.g. Auto logic system which allows the technician to carry out quicker diagnostics than SSS, GT1 and ISIS.

Technicians at a reputable dealership such as the Big Motoring World use the latest tooling and diagnostics equipment and they can access genuine car parts.

You can watch as the technicians carry out an MOT test on your car at the Big Motoring World Snodland.

  • It has standardized service: The most notable thing about chains of dealerships such as the Big Motoring World is that they have the same level of service in their various outlets.

Whether you are at Big Motoring World Canterbury service centre or Big Motoring World Prestige, you will get the same standard of high quality service.

  • It gives deals: A good dealership offers deals during off peak times. Be on the lookout for deals on its cars and maintenance packages. This will save you money.
  • It has well trained staff: A good dealership must have employees that are polite and well trained. The salespeople must know everything about the car that you are buying so that they can answer your questions and direct you accordingly.

Staff teams of dealerships that have been around for a while know how to make customers happy.

For instance, Big Motoring World has been in existence for more than two decades.  Its sales team and technicians have received rave reviews for their services.

Once you spot a good dealership, buying that car will not be so complicated after all.

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